Arlington Family Connection

 connecting children under six and those who care for them

Our Mission

We are a membership organization dedicated to connecting families and caregivers of children ages 0-6.It takes a village. And that village starts with connections.

As we become parents, we form a deep life-changing connection with our babies. This change reverberates across our entire social web. Some bonds are strengthened, and some fall to the wayside. We think about our childhood and want our kids to have what we had and more. 

Make new friends, but keep the old. The families we connect with now may be new friends to us but one day they may be your children's oldest friends.

At AFC, we want to help get you connected to other parents and families who are right now living many of the same experiences as you. We want to help build your village by meeting people and providing resources. Join us today and get more connected.

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We prefer payment with Visa or Mastercard with our emailed invoices through the website (for the lowest processing fees), but other methods we accept are:

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