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Open Volunteer Positions

One of the best ways to forge new friendships is to volunteer together. As we rebuild from going dormant with the onset of COVID-19, we are a very small team of new and active volunteers trying to serve the Arlington community. We try to meet post bedtimes and coordinate through email, group chats, and steering meetings to keep things moving forward. 

Fill out this form if you're interested in any of these volunteer positions!

Event Planning / Event Support Volunteers:

A great way to meet other families and build relationships is to work together to plan and run events. Whether or not you like party planning, or are a wall flower, this could be a good opportunity for you. We've got lots of great ideas for things parents of young kids would love to do (beer garden meet ups, farm days, puppet shows, paint nights, more outdoor family walks). We are in need of in-person volunteers at events, as well as volunteers who want to coordinate and plan.

Newsletter Editor: 

Not ready to volunteer in person? Finding yourself wanting to help engage in the community, but also don't want to leave your couch? Do you want to help keep our membership connected to events and local resources? This is a low-commitment fun way to get involved.

Childcare Options Booklet Editors: 

This is a great way to share a project between two or three other parents in Arlington! Work from home to reach out to local preschools and daycares for this years updates and make any necessary changes to the preexisting AFC Options Booklet. These positions are also a great way to connect with directors of local preschools and family daycares! It’s a fun project to work on, and there’s a sense of accomplishment seeing your work around town.


This is another great way to share a project between two or three other parents in Arlington. Parents often find themselves wondering what kind of childcare is available during vacations, summers, or simply what is an enriching activity for our kids to experience. If researching available programs and helping organize a list for our members to reference sounds like a way you'd like to give back to the community, this is great volunteering job fit. This role can be for any resource you might think could be useful for fellow parents (toddler friendly play spaces, summer camps, great places to host birthday parties, etc)


Come help with our social media platforms. Start a Facebook group or instagram account for us. Post a meme a day, help promote our and other local events! Help us coordinate and plan our communication with our members.

Discounts / Sponsorship Program Coordinator:

One of the benefits of being part of AFC is our discounts program, but since the pandemic, this has fallen to the way side. We need a motivated volunteer to reach out to AFC's previous partners to help renew our discounts program. 

Volunteer & Member Outreach: 

With all these great positions open, we need help organizing new volunteers to help. We need someone to email the interested new members, and get them connected to where they can help.


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