Meet our new president: Louise Friel

AFC’s presidency is a one-year commitment coinciding with our membership year (September-August). Like all our positions, the President is a volunteer position, now held by Louise Friel. She has been a long-time volunteer working in a variety of capacities with AFC. Lauren Magoun recently asked her a few questions to share her vision and ideas with our membership.

How did you first get involved with or hear about AFC?
I was given an AFC membership as a present when my firstborn was born. AFC was such a great resource. I loved finding out all there was to do with Patrick as he grew up. Now with my second son I am taking even more advantage of all AFC offers in terms of events, discounted tickets, seminars and parents’ groups.

What is one thing you would like to see happen in the next year with AFC?
I would really like to see more members participate in the management of AFC and event planning. There is a core group of volunteers that keeps AFC going and it would be great to see that core group grow. It is daunting to think of volunteering when you have little ones to take care of. The wonderful thing is that all the volunteers are in the same position. We all have young children and are very busy with our families. AFC is a great way to meet other parents with whom you have a lot in common. It is also nice to have a say in organizing events your children will enjoy.

What is your favorite annual AFC event or outing?
At this point in time, my favorite event is AFC Playtime on Monday mornings. With the weather changing it is really nice to have an indoor space to go play. My younger son misses his brother when he is at school and wants to be active and see other children. Personally, I enjoy seeing the other parents, as well.

What is your favorite family day outing?
Going to the park with my husband, my two boys and two dogs. It does not take any planning and can be a half-hour outing to a two-hour one. The boys love to run around, throw rocks in the water, and chase each other. It is so much fun to see everybody having a good time.

Anything else you want to share?
As I attend AFC events more regularly I realize what a fun community of parents and children it fosters. It makes me look forward to the next get together!

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